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Customer Feedback
"I am really delighted with your treatment and will definitely recommend you to my neighbours"
Mr. D  - Ipswich                                              Dec 2012
"I am so pleased I found you Julie..."
Mrs. A - Pinewood Ipswich                       Nov 2012
"I am determined to look after my feet now-will tell all my mates about your treatment.."
Army officer-ret.                                           July 2012
"Feels like I am walking on air!"
Mrs P. Westerfield                                      July 2012
 "So professional, I'm loving this..."
Hazel  - Stowmarket                                April 2012
"I am very impressed, please come regularly"
Dorothy - Stowmarket                            March 2012
"Very good value"
Mrs.F. - Needham Market                     February 2012
"Thanks for giving us happy feet!"
Mr & Mrs D. - Grundisburgh                December 2011
"My feet have really improved since you have been looking after them...."
Mrs P. - Nacton                                      August 2011
"You have taken such care with my feet...I would like regular treatments please..."
Mrs. B. - Martlesham                          April 2011
"Very professional & so nice to be treated at home..."
Mrs H. - Woodbridge                         March 2011
This is so relaxing I could doze off ....." 
Mrs Coleman -  Ipswich                        Jan 2011
" Toe-tastic!" 
Amy -  Ipswich                                         Dec 2010
 "Very good value-will recommend to my friends." 
Mrs Smith -  Woodbridge                           Dec 2010 
"You have worked wonders with my nails!"
Pat - Ipswich                                             Nov 2010
"Best treatment I have ever had...." Suzanne -  Woodbridge                                                     Oct 2010 
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