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Gehwol protective nail & skin oil. Excellant to protect against fungal nail infections. Contains wheatgerm oil, panthenol & bisabolol to care for the nails and surrounding skin. Fragile ,brittle nails are soon supple with a natural silky sheen. 15ml glass bottle with dropper.
                                           £8.20 (P&P incl)
SILOPOS products are marvelous for relieving pressure points such as corns, blisters, ingrowing toe-nails and over/under lying digits. The fabric is soft and stretchy and lined with a polymer gel which slowly releases a medical grade mineral oil to soften & moisturise the skin. Available as Corn Pads, Digital Caps, Toe Separators & Toe Spreaders. Walkers & Hikers find the Digital Caps most useful for protecting the tops of toes & toenails against trauma from boots. Bunion sufferers can get relief from
Gel Toe Spreaders which conform & comfortably fit between toes and relieve Bunions, overlapping toes or toe drift.
Soft corns between toes can be relieved by Gel Toe Separators which are anatomically designed to prevent pressure & friction.
All products are available by post-

P&P incl.in price quoted


 Gel Toe Separators - Small - £3.60 per pair
Large - £3.80 per pair
Gel Toe Spreaders - Small £4.60 per pair
Medium - £4.80 per pair
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